Wild Observations

Wild Observations is a project mapping the effect of climate change and other man made phenomena on the American Migration Flyways. A flyway is a flight path used in bird migration; essentially, an operational concept linked to manage their migration space. These corridors are studied by Field Station scientists to better understand all aspects of migrating wildlife. The research process engenders a hopeful view of the future.

The story of our rapidly changing planet is complex. Wild Observations will champion our ability to protect, conserve and adapt to changes with resiliency. Following the cycles that filter through the ecological narrative: the food chain, life cycle, and human impact, it will illuminate some mysteries of modern ecology.

The visual presentation of the project will ultimately be in the exhibitions, and possibly book form. In addition to the original photograph collages and paintings, contemporary issues can be shown through visually engaging maps, installations and scientific quotes sourced from experts including correspondence, newspapers and personal accounts.

Special thanks to partners Archbold Biological Station, Everglades National Park, HistoryMiami, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Art + Science In The Field Center Residency, Love the Everglades Movement, and LightHawk Conservation Flying.